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Put the same check through twice. Second time was a year later even with a year old date on it. - Suntrust Bank checking account

Ambiance Beauty & Barber Academy wrote out a refund check of $500. To a student in March of 2011. It went though and was cashed by the student. The exact same check went through again in March of 2012 and it of course was dated March of 2011. It looked as if the student made a color copy of the check and put it through again ...

Suntrust Bank Inc
Double standard

I made two deposits each with several checks in them on a Saturday morning. By close of business on Monday, none of the money was available in my account. The checks were local and with a couple of exceptions under $400. When I called to inquire, they explained that checks are not processed until Monday night. When I asked if I ...

SunTrust Bank
Home loan & close'n checking

I acquired a traditional mortgage loan trigger suntrust stated it had been much better than V. A. Mortgage loan. SHE KNEW I had been 100% srevice linked expert however they needed more income. Following the accident. Last year may 1st. I shut my bill on my debt. Cause they held take'n money... They didn't shut it till... May 28 ...