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Safelink Wireless
Tracfone Wireless The people of this town and me are being cheated out of their minutes of Safelink/Trafone usage

Every person I have seen in this town of Haysi, VA that have had either a Tracfone or a Safelink phone have been cheated out of their minutes. It's supposed to take 1/3 a unit to send a text but Safelink / Tracfone have been charging people a whole unit a text. This really adds up if you have a Safelink phone and it's your ...

Safelink Wireless
Very Poor Service

I had been thankful to to get freecell phone support from Safelink. Our first telephone had such poor party my buddies might claim Ill contact you back after 1 second. They changed that telephone, however the next one was likewise. I called agin and questioned if it may be the support not the telephone and was informed yes ...

Safelink Wireless

Go to Assurance Wireless! Safelink SUCKS! Not only do you NOT understand what the csr are saying. They all seem to be brain dead! I've been trying to get my replacement phone over 5 months now. The dummies sent the first one to my old address EVEN THOUGH I UPDATED it. I was told they would send another one out. They evenrepeted ...