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Prescott, AZ Reader's Digest (books) Sent me a free Reader's Digest Book, which I did not ask for. Through away packaging and kept. Sent me another book. Demanding I pay $31plus

I recieved a reader's digest book in the mail that I never asked for. The letter said it was mine to keep. Then they sent me another which I did not ask for and now demand $31 for it or it will go to a collection agency. I am disabled and on a limited income. I just want to mail the second book back and be done with this. Iam ...

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Unauthorized sending

Audience's Digest keeps delivering my parents publications they have not requested. After which delivering them the statement for this. They don't need these books whatsoever. They have to quit delivering them details about these publications they're aged plus they are getting swindled into attempting to purchase points they ...