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Prescott, AZ Reader's Digest (books) Sent me a free Reader's Digest Book, which I did not ask for. Through away packaging and kept. Sent me another book. Demanding I pay $31plus

I recieved a reader's digest book in the mail that I never asked for. The letter said it was mine to keep. Then they sent me another which I did not ask for and now demand $31 for it or it will go to a collection agency. I am disabled and on a limited income. I just want to mail the second book back and be done with this. Iam ...

Reader's Digest association
Reader's Digest mailed unsolicited book and worthless "gifts" and a bill with no way to tell them to stop

The scumballs at Reader's Digest mailed an unsolicited book to me along with two "Free Gifts:" a cheap plastic pen and model train car. The book was a cheaply-printed paperback collection of stories I would never want to read and was probably "condensed" by the morons at Reader's Digest who specialize in ruining literature. ...