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Private Equity Institute/Matt thief Murray
Matthew Murray The course is a scam. You will learn nothing. Matthew Murray is the only person in the company

I was scammed by Matthew Murray of the supposed Private Equity Institute. There is no REI. It is just Matt Murray and an operator in India. There is no office, institute etc. The course consists of Matt Murray reading verbatim some basic definitions and historical facts of Wall Street and Private Equity. You will learn nothing. ...

Private Equity Institute

This can be a fraud program work by MATTHEW MURRAY. It's a fraud since nothing is discovered within the program. It's a fraud since Matthew Murray promises the organization is just a 501 (d) 3 non profit. The teacher, Matthew Murray, pretends to become among the several prestigious teachers of privateequity who's nicely ...

Private Equity Institute

I got a training course named PRIVATE-EQUITY INTERVAL TRAINING last September, 2009. There have been a complete of 4 pupils. Each settled about $1,300.00 The course was 9-to-5 on the Sunday and Saturday in the prestigious College Membership on 54th and fifth in Manhattan. The teacher/scammer/operator of the alleged PEI was ...

Private Equity Institute
Matthew Murray

Do not drop for that clever looking style of the web site or even the respected sound English speech on the internet movie to fool you in. I got the program, spending $1000, hoping of getting an internship on Wall St. To get a trustworthy private equity company. I had been guaranteed that PEI had excellent connections in PE as ...