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Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
Mortgage payment

I had called in and arranged payments to be made to catch up on the mortgage. And the representative I spoke with told me I could post date 2 checks for may 10th and may 24th cause she couldn't put it in her system that way. As of may 18th both checks were cashed and overdrawn my account, which was not part of the agreement. I ...

Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
No documentation!

We were in litigation w/our former bank during which time they filed for bankruptcy. A year later ocwen said they were servicing the note. We asked for the noteholder, by certified mail, and they refused to tell us. We asked for the loan documents they had showing their interest in our home, the documents they sent were ...

Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLc
We had to file bankruptcy in 2011, Bank of Americia hit us like a tornado.ingorant people we had to deal with. Had to file bankruptcy, Husband laid off me on dissability. BAC sold out loan to Ocwen i

Bank of America is a ripoff! Had to file bankruptcy in 2011 in order to keep our home. Tried to work out in every way possible. They did not want to work with us. My husband was laidoff, I'm on dissability due to major heart problems, I need a heart and lung transplant. Now they have sold our loan to Ocwen in June of 2011. I ...

Illegal Foreclosure

Exactly why is there-no aid for Ocwen clients? I am studying all the grievances and recognizing that they're continuing to complete to people the things they did in my experience 5 years back. They're foreclosing on houses illegally. They got over my mortgage after which pushed me out-of my house giving me a cost quantity ...