Northern Leasing Systems Inc
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Northern Leasing Systems, Inc
Northern Leasing PAID a scam artist to get me to sign a lease. Their business practices are deceptive and fraudulent

Northern Leasing PAID Vendor Monitoring Services to Lie to me and trick me into using their services. 09/27/12 Received call from Karen Hobbs of VMS (Vendor Monitoring Services, 1-866-782-4867), stating that I have been violated by CardMember Solutions. She explained that VMS is a division of VISA, MasterCard, Discover and ...

Northern Leasing Systems, Inc
Wants Settlement to discontinue $42/mo lease for a $99 product. Have already paid approx $1200 for this product

My credit card processing company, Transfirst in Colorado, called me in June 2009 to tell me that my current processing terminal was outdated and that I need to update to a current terminal to prevent hacking. By law, they said. They offered me a monthly lease for a terminal that they said cost over $2000. I signed up for a 48 ...

Northern Leasing Systems, Inc
Northern leasing continues to scam and fraud customers even after ny supreme court found the company guilty

Northern Leasing Systems, Inc. Is a provider of leases for credit card machines. After the salesman sold us the deal, we received a notice from the Supreme Court of New York that the company was engaging in fraud. We immediately returned the credit card equipment and canceled the lease and brought our own at 10% of the price. ...