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Netflix, Inc
Not enough recent addons

You know there are plenty of movies, older movies & tv shows that have been out for some time, like my big fat greek wedding or big bang theory, that you could be adding on each month. There are hardly any recent additions each day or each month. If this doesnt get better, i'm gonna cancel my membership cause whats the sense in ...

Netflix, Inc
This is mashing up my tv

Im so damn sick of this. I have a virgin Media box and i recently got netflix, since i bought it, the box constantly restarts, goes black and white and begins to flash vigorously. Since then, its been contributing to my bad headaches. This would give an epileptic a fit. Its unexpected and dangerous. This is a problem. ...

Netflix, Inc
Double Billed! - Netflix

I have been double billed for 3 months and customer service was so rude and refused to rectify the situation. My email wasn't working so my teenage daughter logged in under her email which prompted her to set up an account. She entered the same billing info so not sure why Netflix didn't realize we are the same account. They ...