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National magazine exchange
Last year thay called me and told me i won a contest and that i will get it and magazines i never got them and that was 6 months ago

Back in august i was called saying that i won a contest. All i had to do was order books and i would receive the books and contest winnings at the same time. To this date i have received nothing but a collection bill. I have tried calling the collection agency and there is no answer. I have called both the 877 number and also ...

National Magazine Exchange
NAM Marketing called me to tell me i was in debt to them for $1000 on a renew on magazines! Had to have my whole identety even my ss# i was wondering when they was going to ask what time i went to the bathroom

I made an order for magazines from National Magazine Exchange on November 2009. The bill was also paid in full November 2009. Now August 2012, I have now recieved a bill from one of these magazines of the Hearst co. Followed by a dun from a collection agency for the same company. And last week I recieved a call from NAM ...

National Magazine Exchange
Way too Much Pressure

I received a Sweepstakes letter in the mail from the National Magazine Exchange, so I called. They were gong to send me 2 watches for free and 2 magazine subscriptions for $1.29 a week. So the rep transferred me to her manager and she PRESSURED me into giving the expiration date of my credit card. I refused about 5 times until ...