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Mobile Messenger, MQube, AllTXT4 Fraudulent charges to cell phone bill, trick you to sign up for subscription Watertown And Los Angeles Massachusetts and California

This is such a scam and I am shocked that Verizon Wireless participates in it or will not cooperate with me on it. I stupidly. I admit it. Took an IQ test and also did another quiz (dont remember which one), and in the process I gave my cell phone no. (first mistake). The results both times were sent to my cell phone via text ...

Mobile Messenger
Unauthorized charges

Mobile Messenger has been charging me $9.99 every month since I've gotten my cell phone. I've had my cell phone since July 2008 and it's only October 2008 and every month they charge me this and I've never texted them anything saying that they could charge me. I don't know why I'm being charged this every single month and it's ...

Mobile Messenger
Lying scum of the earth!

About two months ago, I acquired a $20 phone bill charge from M-qube for some stuff that I knew nothing about and I called to cancel whatever I had "subscribed" to, but I was told that they couldn't refund me my money although I told them that the charge was unauthorized. Recently I have just been charged another $20 from ...

Mobile Messenger
Steals Money From Mobile Accounts Mobile Messenger took $30.00 from my Mobile Phone Account, without my permission or interaction with them

Mobile Messenger, is a company using SMS spam to mobile phones to collect money from mobile customers.incoming messages to your phone that you did not solicit or authorize (mine came from SMS number 66047, and this number was looked up by Virgin Mobile USA and verified as "Mobile Messenger") charge you $9.99 each to your ...