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Mks* Simple Escapes - Aol

Received bank statement with a debit of 134.95 today, so I immediately went to my bank to find out what it was and they told me it was from MKS*SIMPLE ESCAPES. I came on here and was shocked to see that AOL might be connected. I called Simple Escapes and they gave me some stupid story about their computer network is down and ...

Mks Simple Escapes
Used my husbands credit card $134.95, my bank now overdrawn. My husband is not even in the u, s. He is military police, in the war. Dirty sob's

On june 9th 2003, I checked my internet banking, and was overdrawn because of $134.95, was taken out. I guessed it was my husband, whom is in iraq - fighting for our country. I talked to him by phone on june 10th, today. He let me know he did not use his credit card. I called the phone# that was on this withdrawl, from my ...

MKS Simple Escapes 2
Ripoff Unknown unknown

I've unknowlingly had money debited from my account by this company named Mks Simple Escapes 2 who claim that we clicked on "yes" on the internet and our ISP ok'd giving them our credit card information which is absolute "BS" I never gave them permission to take money from my account. I contacted them and they said that my ...

MKS*Simple Escapes
Ripoff ripoff

I went to my local bank on 5/31/03 to withdrawl money from my personal checking account. I knew I had over $100 available in my account, when I got the reciept from the ATM it said I had $20 left in my account. Came home and immediately got on the computer and checked my bank statement online. Imagine my shock when I found my ...