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I ordered the trial, and was not satified with the result and I e-mailed customer support within the 20 days (SIX) times to CANCEL also I called several times too and the only results I got was a e-mail telling me I didnt CANCEL in time and and I called my bank to put a stop on the payment but it had already went through now i ...

Deceptive advertising

This company offers a sample for the price of postage, then requires a person to check the terms and conditions which require searching for a double asterisk and looking at another page. If you assume that there will be no problem with the terms and conditions, you are wrong. They require you to accept additional shipments at ...

I was sent 2 saringes of tooth whiting and it cost me dearly. 88.87 for two saringes of what they say is a tooth whiting gel. It is the biggist rip Off on the net LOOK OUT i was taken two months in a row

When honist people try new products on the internet they are just waiting for you so they can Rip You Off. LOOK OUT FOR LUMinousBrites. Do not try the trial offer or they will have you. Report these Evil a* people at once. Im thinking I might just go to the address and put a bullet in someones ass. Its a real possability ...