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Phoenix Complaint, Admissions Advisor, Lower Education. Low Quality Mgmt style of fear, intimidation and misinformation, lies? Corporate America at its worst. Using manipulative used car sales tactic

If you want to be treated like a child by childish, disrespectful, back-stabbing reptile management in a sweat shop environment than work for Kaplan University. Management changes their story so often they actually lose track of whatever "truth" they are inventing. Management treats you to "one on ones" meant to manipulate you ...

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Kaplan University On Line College Degree Programs Admissions Counselor & finaicial aid contacts defrauded a tuition rate and completed RFR form incorrectly

Kaplan University's admissions counselor Kandi Crowe fraudulently enrolled me under false tuition rates. Kaplan University's Financial Aid contacts James Minns, Jennifer Velasco, and David Levin all were involved with the formulation of the tuition budgets, all never called me on the phone to discuss anything with me regarding ...