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Safelink wireless Kaplan university increased my school fees when my money from my loans and grants inceased although the school year was not up. Also they will not send my stipend checks. I have called them repeatedlt

Kaplan will increase your school fee if you receive more money in loans or grants. They charge over three hundred dollars for credit hours when other schools only charge 70 to 80 dollars per credit hours.in addition they will not send your stipend checks. I have had to call each time it is time for my stipend checks and it ...

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My "financial aid officer" stated I was receiving a check for 1,700 back... Now I owe?!

In February of 2010, I spoke with my financial aid officer Kristen Linquist, whom stated to me that I was receiving a refund from them in the amount of about $1,700. I stated to her that I didn't want the money if I still was going to owe the school, she said no I was all set (I have all this in an email). After about two ...

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KU I went from owing $2399 in 2008 to a $0 balance to owing $904.79 for 2008 in 2010 to $5140.01 in 2010!

I got phone calls back the end of 2008 stating I had maxed out my loans (granted I just transferred from Andover College to KU the beginning of 2008). The amount I owed out of pocket was $2399. My financial aid advisor was no help. So I had to deal with the financial aid manager who said to take 1 class my next semester and ...