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INTEGRITY SALES - RYAN ATKINS - KEN KANTHER - KEN KANT DAVID SAMSON Ashley Hunter Nick Young Chris Coty Robert Spruiell Kathleen Kay Kays Naturals Dynasty Sales Powerhousse I worked for the company. I got the real scoop on what it is. Seattle

I have the real information on how Integrity Sales ran. Ironically enough, they did not have much integrity. There is no beating or physical mistreatment like the old magazine crews. This one is the best to work for. But BY NO MEANS DOES THAT MAKE IT LEGITIMATE OR RESPECTABLE!!! THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS! They recruit young people ...

Integrity Sales
Teenagars pose as University of Maryland soccer players soliciting points for their team by selling books for sick children at Johns Hopkins Hospital Ripoff

2 teenagers, who falsified their identities, addresses, and contact persons, approached us late on Saturday evening, of 21 July07 to solicit money for an apparent good cause: purchasing books for children at Johns Hopkins Hospital. They failed to show any ID representing their company and marketed themselves as students at the ...