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Iwin Whitening
Ripped off just like the rest

I was ripped off just like the many others who got taken by Iwin Whitening. Same old story..."free tooth whitening, only pay shipping". Next thing I know I have an $88.97 charge on my credit card and will continue every month! This charge was not authorized and now I must go through the battle of getting the charge off my ...

Iwin Whitening - advancedbright
I'm mad!

Was billed $88 on credit card without my authorization. I filed a dispute with credit card company. And this company is impossible to get ahold of, put in interminable hold. This is exactly like a scam for free trial of Acai Berry! Where are the postal inspectors? Where are the state attorney generals? How can this nonsense ...

Iwin Whitening
Help! I was robbed

I orderd a free 14 day trial of tooth whitening product. I had to pay $4.99 shipping. This was of 8/26/2008 on 9/8/2008 they took an additional $88.97 out of my bank account unathourized. This is theft and forgery. If anyone can help me I would like to thank you now. Also, with these withdrawels there is no phone # to contact ...