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HomEq Servicing

Our mortgage was within an SUPPLY at 12.5%. Homeq might DO-NOTHING to assist solve the issue. Using the interest levels falling just how can it be that large particularly when it stated it mightnot increase when the prices were slipping? I submitted section 13 plus they were nevertheless in a position to proceed from1384 to ...

HomEq Servicing
Homeq Fraud

I have dealt with HomEq Servicing for my 90 yr old mother. They are corrupt and hide behind smoke and mirrors as they work to foreclose on your property. We have sued them and all the other companies they have worked as, for fraud and have stated a class action suit against them. We have lawsuits against them and all the other ...

Homeq servicing
Did nothing to help

What a company I lost my home because of so called Homeq Servicing they have no compasion when a person is in a crisis I hope my situation happens to someone that is in a high position and they lose everything and your own company can't help I realy hope this will happen. ...

HomEq Servicing
Restroom Useage for Employees

Hey, Presently there are a few workers at Homeq Servicing who think they're being mistreated. There's a specific boss who not permit her group to make use of the bathroom until it's on the website break-time. When the associtate employs the bathroom apart from his/her split they are informed and recommended to acquire a ...

HomEq Servicing
They owe me thousands and aren't paying

Well i remortgaged to have gone these ineffective individuals, they delivered my name business a benefit figure. Account was compensated entirely, they transformed the benefit number and held a large number of my bucks. I'm still attempting to use imbasils. They're a skeeming tricky company that requires to become audited from ...