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Unauthorized charge

On June 29,2009 I obtained my At&t telephone bill which had another statement from ESBI that was for costs from the business named E-Mail Savings LLC that we never heard about. I approached them (email Savings) & informed them to consider the charge-off my statement they stated they'd, but I had a need to provide them with an ...


I've read a few of the posts and can commiserate. I just received a bill of my own with an ESBI attachment. I was so ticked off. I called the number listed to dispute the charges and spoke to someone with an Indian accent, which in itself screams FRAUD if I can't even speak to someone on the same continent. I complained and was ...

Service never ordered

A ESBI / regular cost of $14.95 turned up on my Verizon telephone bill 05/2009. I never heard about the organization or requested some of their solutions. Actually, I never heard about the organization till I begin to see the $14.95 costs of my telephone bill. Can anybody simply inform Verizon to throw-in the ...