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Unauthorized charges

ESBI said they would cancel the service. I told them I have never heard of them, did not authorize this charge and did not sign up for any such service ever. I asked for immediate reversal of charge and credit to verizon. ESBI said service is canceled and hung up. I called ESBI again, I again asked for credit reversal of the ...

ESBI ETS And USBI Qwest Partners With Telephone Service Scammers Internet
QWEST Illegally signs you up and bills you thru your internet account Minneapolis

A lawsuit needs to be filed against Qwest if you are considering doing this please include us (contact via email) and we may file suit if no one else does. Somehow an agreement has been made unknown to our company which partnered with qwest as our internet provider in 2007 qwest decided to start billing us $39.99 ...