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USBI - Web Access - One Web Direct - National One Telcom - Tellsys - NIC - MMI ripoff, scam, slam, hijacked, Agere system '97 modem "messaging applet", $24.99 monthly, unauthorized, fraudulent

My boyfriend never questioned the page on his monthly phone bill with the "ESBI" (Enhanced Services Billing Inc.) logo at the top of the page. He just coughed up the $24.99 for something called "Web Phone Access", though he was clueless as to exactly what service was being provided. Looking at his bill more carefully now, the ...

ESBI, Handyman Club Of America
ESBI - Handyman Club Of America billed for a service I never applied for keeps charging me for life time membership which I have already paid fo

I am a disabled female who has a very low income. For this reason Verizon gives me a special rate. Last month my phone bill was $27.00, $18 more then my usual Bill. My aide told me it was because of this ESBI charge for voice mail. I have never authorized this company for service nor did I apply for it. There was an 800 number ...

ESBI Attached To Verizon Bill
Internet fraud by attaching Enhanced Service to my Verizon Phone bill for 15.40 not signed up for services Why Would Verizon But Involved In This Rip Off? West Virginia

I received my October 5,2005 to Nov 4,2004 Verizon Phone bill to find an additional charge of $15.40 for voice messages I could receive over the internet. I never signed up for this service nor do I need it. I was told by the customer rep, that I would have to pay this amount and she would cancel the service which I didn't ask ...