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ESBI Billed me for 2 months I didn't auth. via my AT&T bill
ESBI Enhanced Service Billing Inc I was billed 2 months for $14.95 for Digital Vmail, INC-Voicemail... Had no idea what kind of service it was... When I called they said they received an email from me with all my personal information

When I called AT&T to find out what all of these charges were, (basically $14.95 each, mo. Charge) they said I had to call each number to cxl and credit. I never authorized any of these companies, I don't even know what they are. It took me a very long time on the phone to cxl and I found out that a person by the name of T. ...

Billed us without our permission

For the second time, ESBI has accessed our Verizon account without our permission and assessed us for services that we did not agree to. We knew nothing of this until it was noticed on our Verizon bill. Verizon appears assists them and offers no assistance in resolving the issue. ...

ESBi - USBI Startec - Total Protectionplus
ESBi - USBI - Startec -Total Protectionplus USBI # New services STOLEN and definatelly BILLED!

First of all, I have AT T for my local carrier. Well all of a sudden my bill is doubled than what it's been in forever. I look closer, and i see some STARTEC INC company charging me for local services. I call them and I'm told that who ever dialed the phone number when making the call dialed some code to activate their line ...


We're also patients of the fraud. I read my present Verizon telephone bill and observed another cost from ESBI. I named the toll free amount shown on my statement and also the customer support repetition, called Mary, explained that I'd infact requested this voicemail support when infact, I've NEVER heard about ESBI. She ...