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Carla Smith (Director HR) St Paul MN Jerry Quigley (Plant Mgr) Mcdonough Ga 600 Penny Jones (HR) Mcdonough Ga 600 WRONGFUL TERMINATION

Ecolab Mcdonough Ga has violated lots of company handbook policies. I've recently was terminated from this company for a crime I didnt comment. I've suffered great depression from this wrongful termination from this company. Ecolab I'm sure most people have heard of them. Like most of these Foxconn's around the globe Ecolab ...

Ecolab - Carla Smith
Jerry Quigley - Penny Jones Ecolab terminated me allegdly claiming I intimidated& threaten another associate. Not True The associate is the nephew of Penny Jones (HR). I was involved in Union practice with local teamsters in A

On Oct 14,2011 I was suspended by this company (Ecolab) Later on the 24th that month terminated. Never knew what I was terminated for until I received the position statement in the mail. I never did these things and witness there gave testimony on my behalf. I was a target for Union practice with the teamsters local 728. Penny ...

Terminated for whistle blowing

Ecolab came up with a scam. Its is called "Apex". They say if you use the product and the system, that your electric and water use will go down. It does not work. They tried to sell it to a large restaurant chain. Before the customer would buy it, they connected meters to all the water and electric. Measured the use and then ...