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Easy Saver-EMI
Rip off!

I too have been a victim of Easy Saver-EMI.in my case it went on for 11 months without my knowledge. I was deployed with the military and someone else was overseeing my checking/debit card account statements. They didn't realize this was an ongoing unauthorized charges, after I had ordered flowers through "FromYouFlowers.com". ...

Easy Saver Rewards
Two years ago we ordered an item from Oriental Trading Company. We were unknowingly duped by Easy Saver. We just found out that they have charged us $14.95 a month for a total of $360.00 over the pas

My wife ordered an item from Oriental Trading two years ago. There was a box that gave you a 10% discount if you checked it. Many people checked it as is evidenced by the number of complaints against Easy Saver on the internet. Easy Saver has been charging us $14.95 every month for a total of $360.00 over the past two years. ...

Easy Saver
Unauthorized charges

I currently noticed a charge for Easy Saver which I mistakenly took for another product I signed up for. But to make sure I googled the information that was provided by my bank and was shocked to see that it was for a coupon company associated with Proflowers. I called the company and first of all, they could not locate my ...