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Rip off

Evidently MYPOINTS.com is related to Simple Saver. I had no idea who Simple Saver is till I came across did a research and discovered the websites of pissed-off customers utilizing MYPOINTS.com aswell & being billed $14.95 per month from Simple Saver. I simply tested my bank record & this cost continues to be happening for ...

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Unauthorized Charge

I made a purchase with Oriental Trading Company at the beginning of October and yesterday found a charge of $14.95 to my checking account. I never joined their program and did not receive an email or letter confirmation. I have contacted the in regards to this unauthorized debit. As well as have put my bank on notice. ...

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Encore Marketing Ordering from ProFlowers gets you a membership in Easysaver whether you want it or not

I ordered flowers from ProFlowers and the following month Easysaver began charging me $14.95. I did NOT want this service and did not check any box indicating I wanted it. Subsequently I dis-enrolled online and then called Encore Marketing to cancel. I have a cancellation number, and we'll see whether the charge comes through ...

Easy Saver Rewards
Unauthorized charges

Yes, I noticed a reoccuring name on my CC account and researched that I was being billed $14.95 for 5 consecutive months. Thanks to this web site I called the 800 not for Easy Saver, they said when I made my purchase from "Cherry Moon" / must be associated with ProFlowers.com, I signed up for a "savings membership"... I said I ...

Easy Saver Rewards/Pro Flowers

Large fraud! Purchase plants was good but at the conclusion it claims you be eligible for a $15 credit on purchase or perhaps a delivery refund. Bullcrap! After purchase total it claims verify your free delivery or refund after which the fun started. Next point you realize you press wherever it lets you know after which bam ...