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Eharmony Dating Service
Refund policy

I recently attempted to use and quickly realized after less than two weeks that it was garbage and a poor quality site that is full of stuff that sounds to good to be true. First the way they match people, do they even try to use all the information you spent a decent amount of your time filling out? Do they make ...

Terrible experience

I attempted Eharmony for 6-month then allow it to end. They held giving me presents that kept finding cheaper therefore after several months of the I registered for extra a few months. I decided I'd contact a person with an image. And that I also was in touch with individuals outofstate. And my requirements was really generous ...

Auto-Renewal of Subscription Set to ON

Evidently the car-restoration choice for the membership includes a standard environment of ON, if you don't change it out to OFF. I discovered this when, at the conclusion of my 3-month membership, I acquired a contact telling me that eHarmony had instantly restored my subscription and charged my take into account the 3-month ...

Matched with unsubscribed

I taken care of a-one year membership. Was coordinated with 270 males. 122 never replied. I believe these are unsubscribed or phantom "people". 142 shut their fit for unknown factors. Some were 100is of kilometers away in additional states or Canada. No individual conferences were created through this website. I'd not suggest ...


In response to Modesto, CA, I wholly agree; but I think that because of your complaint (which I'm sure were ridiculously numerous in repetition) I am in a predicament where they keep sending me matches where I am rejected, i. E. "CLOSED" before I can even do anything. It's sickening as I'm a pretty confident gal (a rarity) who ...