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Doxy Lingerie
Stole my money

Sometime before I requested some products and received nothing. Charge Card was billed so when I approached Doxy they sent that's was coming so when I still didn't obtain my products I sent again and got no reaction at-all -they simply DISMISSED me. They're Thieves-DON'T BUY FROM THEIR WEBSITE. Plenty Of inexpensive * anyhow ...

Doxy Lingerie

I bought two halloween costumes from Doxy Lingerie and never received either costume; although my card was charged. I attempted to contact them but no response. I emailed them mutiple times and tried to call them at least a dozen and never did they contact me back. Then they disconnected their phone! I would never buy anything ...

Doxy Lingerie - These F

I was ripped off by these jerks in Feb - they removed the site and cut all contact info. I just got an email from them today and the site is back up and they are going to rip more people off!!! Do not, DO NOT buy from them! These pictures are not their models, they do not have any product, it's a scam! I want them taken off ...