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Good luck charlie

As a mom if three young children I am so disappointed about the same sex couple on Good Luck Charlie. To push your political stand or beliefs onto my children through this media outlet is ridiculous. I do not need you to push me into a conversation with my children that I am not ready to have. My daughter loves this show and I ...

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Good Luck Charlie episode 2 moms

I truly could not believe my eyes while watching this episode with my 3 children. I can not believe the Disney channel would put this in a kids show. As we are very conservative, Good Luck Charlie is one of the few shows I have allowed my children to watch being that it was clean and funny. This is so sad to me, and it was so ...

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Good Luck Charlie

I'm very very dissapointed that you have exposed children to such a conterversial issue. If you have a stance on gay rights discuss it in an adult setting in which will be published in adult media amongst adults who comprehend and know the issue at hand. Do not force parents to discuss the semantics of these issues with thier ...