Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

Bank fraud and identity theft

Directv fraudulently debited my account without my knowledge or permission also committed bank fraud by calling my bank automated service and giving my last four of my social security number to find out how much they can steal in my account. They claimed I owed $330. Only had $254.88 In my account they miraculously debited my ...

Directv = misleading

I called to sign up for DirecTV and I was told that I can get a 2 year contract for $24.99. I asked the customer service rep. Several times if $24.99 is the rate for 24 months and she confirmed that. I set up an appointment for installation. Same day I called again to see if they have an appointment for the next day. I was told ...

Awesome service - Direct TV

I was calling to change my service from Showtime to Starz. I was able to talk with the most professional, charming and informative representative I have ever had the pleasure to talk with. She was able to look up the most available offers (approx. $2.00 more} that I had coming to me and set me up with the newest equipment ...

Direct TV removes the Weather Channel

I%u2019m very upset with Direct TV for removing The Weather Channel from its customers without notice. This is a channel that I would pay a premium for but as a customer I didn%u2019t even get that option. Not only did they remove it they replaced it with Weather Nation which is not even comparable! When I called to complain ...