Cottman Transmission
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Cottman transmission
Did not repair transmission

This Greensburg Cottman is a bad apple in a barrel of other rotten apples. They started "repairs" on our car without our written or verbal authorization, forged paperwork, refused to let us see alleged repairs being done, wont give receipts or old parts, lied and said that additional repairs were necessary when they werent, ...

Cottman Transmission
Failed State Inspection

Cottman tech FAILED my pick-up truck for a slight crack in the windshield. State law allows for 1 1/4" in length to pass. Depending on how you (they) measured the crack, at best it was 1/16" longer then the allowable 1.25"! Talk about splitting hairs! I asked the tech if he does 56 in a 55 mph zone! I was told by the tech to ...

Cottman Transmission
Bill The Owner... He is a snake! Didn't fix the problem! Then wanted to change extra to fix the problem! Customer Relations doesn't help either!

Seems my family have become yet another victim to fall to Cottman Transmission. January 31,2011 we dropped of my fiances vehicle (Hyundai Elantra 2001) to have it fixed. The big problem is that when you are driving the car, it just completely shuts off. Which, is a problem since it is driven on the highway daily. And at speeds ...

Cottman Transmission
Paid $2500 for repairs, drove away and my engine blew because a mechanic "FORGOT" to do the oil change that was requested among other repairs. I was told that it was a glitch and it happens

I have been going to Cottman for a couple of years with the same vehicle. Cottman Auto had my vehicle for 5 months while I was out at sea. I requested an oil change, complete tune up and any other repairs that needed to be corrected to be done, for them to keep in contact with me and keep me informed. When my ship pulled into ...