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Well I found out today the Conn's lives up to there name, I have been making my payments faithfully & purchased an additional fridge. June bill was paid as of 5/19/11 next bill due July, but since I ad

On May 23rd I went to purchase another fridge, now keep in mind that I already had an account with them I pay my bill faithfully and on time. When I went on May 23rd I had already paid for June which they recd May 19th. But because I purchased an additional fridge I am to pay for June again. So not only did I pay $95.11 for ...

Worst Customer Service

I can't believe how bad the service is in conns. I spent more than two hours on each store trying to buy a ps3 just to build my credit and i was thinking on get something else too, well that was my worst nightmare since the time that i entered to that store. First the salesman approached and i told him what i needed to do (buy ...

Conn's / Ashley Furniture

I bought a livving space match from connis in Jan. 2011. I named in February to tell them that their were flaws using their item about the couch and also the love-seat. About the couch one end-of the from is simply hanging free. About the love-seat the couch won't remain along it appears constantly. They delivered some old-man ...