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Concorde Career College
Concorde employ individuals that do not have students in heart. The staff is unknowledgeable, evil and we as a community need to take action to remove this school out of our community

We should not support schools that employ instuctors that are unknowledgeable. After several compliants against Dennis Reese, Kimberly Kribsky the organization continues to support these individuals. Changing test scores to fit there needs is what they do. How do I know I'm a former employee, not bitter, but I have a lot of ...

Concorde Career College - Dallas, TX
Concorde Career Institute - Dallas, TX Approximately 80% or 20 of approximately 30 NEW EMPLOYEES TERMINATED IN LESS THAN 1 YEAR! Abusive supervision!

Campus President Gerald Parr requires serious basic and executive level Leadership and Supervisory Training on how to morally respect, motivate, lead, encourage, and retain his employees. I worked for him but was only employed a short period of time. It is highly shameful for him to communicate his Christian beliefs when his ...

Concorde Career College
Concorde Career Institute I am currently a student at Concorde in the ICBS program. I have been dismissed due to put on bogus extern sites. The purpose of being a extern is to learn some valuable skills and train

I choose Concorde Career College as my second chose. I was warned by family and friends to run have nothing to do with them. Before enrolling my husband ran into people who either had one of their family members attend in different programs. And he received positive feedback. Most of the programs are ok and in a good economy ...

Concorde Career College North Hollywood, Ca
Concorde Career College, Concorde Career College takes our money over educating the future

It has been three long miserable months. This school is a joke and i should have known better. From instructors lacking complete knowledge to sometimes even common sense, to being too busy on their full time job to prep our work. I have been harrassed and humiliated besides being forced to withdraw due to their lack of respect ...