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Chase Moving Co

A nightmare!!! This is the worst moving company I have ever experienced. I advised this company of every piece of furniture I had, but I did under estimate the boxes. I estimated 50-60 and in reality there were approximately 100. I was quoted $229.00-$319.00. This move was within the same city, 3 miles at the most! See the ...

Chase Home Finance
Chase plays dirty pool

Chase filed for foreclosure against me, I sought help from the govt's mortgage programs, twice being denied, both times because Chase refused to cooperate. The second time they had the audacity to tell the mortgage counselor they would sell the house if I was denied - and then ensured I would be. I also would like to point out ...

Chase Home Finance
Chase at its worse!

I started my modification process with chase in 2008. They finally offered me a "final" modification and now 5 years later they are telling me that I owe them $36,000 because they "forgot" to add in my impound account. I don't think its fair that I have to pay for their mistake all at once. I think they should tag some of these ...