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Capital One Credit Card Company
Is still charging me after a pay off with a supervisor on line. Paid again just to get rid of them. More charges. Can NOT get rid of them

1. Walmart charged my cap one card 7 times for a gift card. I got one card only. Between the two companies the charges were reversed, dropped, reapplied and even reversed charges that were valid. I ended up paying over $400.00 that were not corrected just to pay them off and get rid of Cap One. 2. I wanted to transfer a balance ...

Capital One
Capital One: All Up In Your Wallet

I received a notice from one of Capital Ones collection agencies indicating I owe Cap One past debt. I responded in writing, as directed, to dispute the assertion. Cap Ones attorneys then promptly sued me without an attempt to solve the problem. Now Im stuck going to court this week. Apparently Capital One is motivated by greed ...