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Capital One Bank Usa
Capital One, N. A. After being a good cardholder for years they refuse to do anything with your existing terms

I'll tell you this much. I thank Capital One bank for all the credit they extended me. But I'm filing this report because they refuse to change the terms of your credit card accounts even though you had them for over 2 years. I had one from 2000 for underage adults called the highschool card Visa. My mom co-signed it. But back ...

Capital One Auto Finance
Unethical Practices

I obtained an auto loan from Capital One Auto Finance in 2008, and all was well - until I lost my job and replaced it with a job at a drastically reduced salary. I kept up with the payments as best I could until I woke up one morning in 2011 to find that my car had been repossessed. Thankfully, I was able to come up with the ...