Capital One Credit Card
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Capital One credit card
Suttell and Associates, Midland funding, World wide assets Capital One credit card placed 3 judgments/leins against me

In 2007 I acquired only a little behind on my charge card with Money One— just being 8 weeks overdue. We worked additional to create up the total amount due. I shipped a cost of $600.00, this will have introduced funds and late charges current. However I received a telephone call from capital one. The person explained "we-don't ...

Capital One Credit Card Company
Is still charging me after a pay off with a supervisor on line. Paid again just to get rid of them. More charges. Can NOT get rid of them

1. Walmart charged my cap one card 7 times for a gift card. I got one card only. Between the two companies the charges were reversed, dropped, reapplied and even reversed charges that were valid. I ended up paying over $400.00 that were not corrected just to pay them off and get rid of Cap One. 2. I wanted to transfer a balance ...

Capital One Credit Card

I've had company charge card with Money One for more than 10 years. Arrive at discover the consideration was under my spouse's title and never the company, nevertheless I'd energy of lawyer and that I was a certified person. I recently needed to place a momentary hang on the consideration and hadn't issue, when I couldn't find ...

Capital One Credit Card
Be ware of this company, they get you a card that you ahve prepaid and they suspend your account Internet

I have obtained that credit card because I was away from the US for 5 years and my credit history disappeared. When I obtained the card, I started by making 2 deposit of $500 then $1,000 from the BB&T bank account. Capital One took the money and canceled the card the next day. They never called me so I got embarrassed with my ...