Buffalo Wild Wings
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Buffalo Wild Wings
Crappy stupid female server

I Went to Buffalo Wild Wings on univ blvd in Orlando fl near Ucf. At night there was a very rude female server. She had long brown hair was thin and acted like a psycho. She smiled big too but In a psycho way such as she was trying to get attention or control ur attention. She'd repeat orders several times for no reason. This ...

Buffalo Wild Wings
Shorted on orde

I requested twelve Garlic wings along with a dozen Oriental wings to proceed. Got house exposed them up and experienced 11 garlic wings and 9 Oriental wings. Exactly what a rip-off. Speedway is too much from my house to return and obtain them to help make the purchase right. Both purchases being shorted makes me believe they ...

Buffalo Wild Wings
Ad service and food

Well i went with my loved ones since my children needed some wings thus we went there. First it took forever to consider our purchase, they request Beverages and vanished, there have been like 3 platforms that got there later than us and were offered first, the supervisor maintain taking a look at us like he understood we were ...

Buffalo Wild Wings grill & ba
The gloves are off

I work for a traveling company every weekend throughout the entire US. Always visiting local bww restaurants since that's my crew and I favorite place to have a good time, watch sports. Boxing, UFC etc. On June 9 we were stationed in Gas City Indiana. A small town with a local bww in Marion Indiana. We were so excited to look ...