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Progressive financial services. Also known as. ARIZONA DEPT OF ECONOMIC SECURITY burned by southern ca wildfires, survived to be SODAMIZED by Arizona child support

I was given cusotdy of two of my older children because they had become to hard to handle. This wasnt the first time she had sent my oldest son to live with me or any other relative willing to accept him. For two years she moved to three different states to follow her mother. Finally settling in arizona. We spoke and i sent ...

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DCSE can't account for over $5000.00 of money they have entitled to myself and children Ripoff

The services the Department of Child Support provides is no more than an INJUSTICE TO ALL. I know that I am not alone in saying researching this agency, I have found not just an occassional disgruntled individual... But an incredible amount of people who share similar situations and terrible acts of injustice bestowed ...