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Incorporated refund ripoff what to do

I went to Ameritrain too obtain the training necessary to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, MCSE. Ameritrain offered exactly what I was looking for in the courses offered and the limited timeframe I was able to take the courses. At the time of registration, I made it clear that I would only take this course if I ...


Did anyone begin classes in NC that were scheduled to begin August 5th and 6th? I am curious if they actually took place, because they are claiming to do the same thing in the GA school. Sandra Atlanta, Georgia ...

Didn't hold up to contract Didn't provide services promised Packed up and left town without notice cheated employees and screwed the customers even more

I started classes on February 11,2002 at the Charlotte, N. C. Branch and was very unsatisfied with the training I received. The instructors spent most of the class time taking smoke breaks and rambling on about learning important stuff later. They stated that the material was to granular and we would have to come back to it ...