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Meeting of Creditors Rip-off

Curtis Center - 950 West The Curtis Center West, 9th Floor Chapter 11 an 7 341 (a) Meeting Room Seventh and Sansom Streets Philadelphia, PA 19106 Date: December 4,2002 Time: 10:00am I'd like to personally thank you Ed Magedson for this site. For other victims to get together, go to this link: Jut so the victims of ...

Ripoff, liars, cowards

I have been trying to request a refund that was paid to Ameritrain on my behalf from the Sallie Mae Foundation. I had financed classes through Sallie Mae for computer training. I could not complete the classes because the school closed without warning. They called me at work on July 17,2002 and said that they were doing ...

Ameritrain Inc
Packed up and moved school without notice paid over $8,000 and did not get services now I have a huge loan to pay on and no eductation liars

I got a loan for over $8000 to attend classes at Ameritrain Inc. I attented one class. I had planned to retake that class. As I started trying to reschedule a class I got the runaround for several months before I saw on the news that the school had packed their things up and left town with my money. Travis Gastoni, North ...

Ripoff defrauded

The following letter was sent from my attorney, Alan Docterman, to AmeriTrain's headquarters in King of Prussia, PA and to KeyBank in Boston, MA, on August 21,2002: Dear Sir or Madam: Please be advised that I have been retained to represent Jay S. Figer with regard to his contract with Ameritrain for computer training. This ...

Students Fight Back

Ameritrain is a rip off -asfb Ameritrain stole my money-org I wish someone would email the people responsible.. I wish there was a LIST or a GROUP where people could WRITE and get HELP I have info from the US Department of Education that Ameritrain had stopped scheduling new classes in April but continued enrollment. Please ...