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Ripoff did not notify or refund any money when they went out of business the business that doesnt give a dam ripped off and scammed deceptive company

Was told that the cost of tuition for the MCSE certification class included a rephase (I could take the class again) within a year. Today (still paying on my $7600.00 loan) I called to sign up for my rephase... The phone has been disconnected, no website, basically no company. A search brought up your site with links to other ...

Ameritrain of Columbia, Maryland
Ameritrain Ripped Off with the help of Sallie Mae Financial for MCSE 2000 Training ripped off and scammed

Background: I enrolled in Ameritrain for two courses in April of 2000. MCSE for Windows NT 4.0 and Novell Netware 5.0. The NT 4.0 course went fine. I was told that the Novell Netware class wouldn't start for awhile and I had up to two (2) years to complete the second course. I called back occasionally to check on the Novell ...

Corrupt ripoff victimized many consumers

What it comes down to is this, AmerTrain rescheduled one of my courses three times. By the third time I could not wait any longer and found employment in which the hours would not allow me to take any night classes. I requested a refund for the portion of the course I did not take. This was before AmeriTrain even filed ...