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Ipoff con artist liars & cheats

I am one of the many screwed customers from Ameritrain. It saddens me that people can get away with this type of business practice in this day and age - especially when our own President is supposedly combatting executive fraud. It makes me skiddish about trusting anyone anymore. My mother obtained the loan to send me to ...

AmeriTrain, Inc
Company took my $8,000 then closed it's doors. No warning, no contact, nothing! Cannot even contact their corporate office now!

I was impressed with AmeriTrain when I contacted the sales rep. At the Charlotte Branch, Joe Eustace. Joe told me that as a student, I would always have access to their labs to study, the instructors were always available to answer questions or give help and they were also a MICROSOFT CERTIFIED Testing Center. All of this ...

Is a ripoff

When I think of the heroes that died trying to save lives in New York on 9-11, and then think of the bastards that rip off people (Enron, AMERITRAIN) then I wish that I could substitute the bastards for the heroes. Douglas Davis is a lying coward that is not MAN enough to face people. Steve Gouviea is the same. You boys wanna ...