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Scammers....Unethical Practices

As seen on the BBB website and others, these people are unethical and thieves. The website does not disclose the exorbitant service charge until you made the purchase. I wanted 2 tickets for said $105 per ticket. They showed six tickets available. I clicked on two. Immediately it want to the credit card input ...

Charles Farricielli | Mr. Charles Farricielli | CHARLIE FARRICIELLI
Fake, Scam Charles Farricielli | Mr. Charles Farricielli | CHARLIE FARRICIELLI

Charlie Farriciellli has been selling fake and duplicate PEMF8000 products along with his partner in crime Andrew Loose (AKA - Andrew Brooks) who is the owner of Five Brooks ranch and . There have been many cases reported by the people getting burnt and receiving electric shock. This seems like these ...

World Of Bronze

Over a year ago I've ordered a bronze sculpture from Julie, the sculpture was called "Two Kids On a Bench" the price of the sculpture including the packing and excluding the shipping was 4 200 $, after speaking with Julie this amount was paid to their bank account. I received an invoice and confirmation, that the payment had ...