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Mistress Lauren Stalker of Darren Ambler, Brian Nesmith & others
Philadelphia FemDom Lauren harasses her ex clients & other Doms. And she's stalking my husband now

This is a warning about home wrecker and psycho DC and Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Lauren Giunta. She goes by so many identities btw : Mistress Lauren,   Lauren Moore,   L.G. Moore, Symphony Ravenclaw and various other sex work names ) She's done so many horrid things. To her own customers and of course to other Mistresses ...

30 Day Funding

LIES LIES LIES and much more LIES. This person LIES so much, he gets them confused and does not remember which REST he's informing to whom so when, however he keeps tossing out the web to ensnare more patients.incredibly enough, after grievances were submitted against him, he recently published more adson Craigslist, to atleast ...

Sanford Brown Institute Ultrasound Diagnostic Center
Waste of time and money, Unqualified teachers, low quality students and faculty, lies, no follow through, no consistency, waste of time, anyone who wants to go here can, no security, no accountability Trevose, Philadelphia

The funny thing about this school is that before I even decided to go here I had asked someone who went there before me what is it like? And I remember so vividly her saying don't go there I didn't understand why, I just figured maybe it would be a different experience since she was going at night and I was about to be a full ...