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Kenneth Anthony Purnell
Ripped me off over $3000 in fraudulent checks, stole a rental car only to be found on the street, a scam artist please beware! Los Angeles California

Please do not be fooled by this man Kenneth Anthony Purnell: Here are some of his previous changes that I found only after he ripped me off in writing fraudulent checks amounting over $3000 and stealing a rental vehicle. name: purnell, kenneth a. Source State: AOCDOCCourts County: ALEMEDA Date Reported (CA): 11/07/2003 ...

Sbc Yahoo Dsl
Ripoff termination fees even though reason for termination is that SBC does not offer any phone or DSL services in my new home city

I moved from Altadena, CA to Long Beach, CA in mid April, 2004. I called SBC to forward my home and DSL numbers to my new city, but SBC reps informed me that SBC does not offer any services in Long Beach, CA. So, I started new phone and DSL services with VERIZON. Today, 05/10/04, I got a bill from SBC for $200 "termination ...