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Celine Burk Simon

A skank by any other name would smell sweeter. What a well deserved life you think you've earned... But the day of reckoning is approaching. You're getting older and your mind is already slipping isn't it? You'll be all alone, the kids have flown... But don't worry you've taught them well, they'll put you in the cheapest ...

Bruce Givner
A Tax Attorney Fraud

Bruce Givner is a real crook but he's so "well known" that he is untouchable. If you want to break into someone estate plan and rob it, he's the one who knows just how to do it. His morals are paid with the highest dollars. A real scum bag and preys upon the elderly too weak or old to know the difference. Hey, you out there who ...

Arthur Lesmez

When the FBI finally takes this guy down your case will crumble also and you will also be investigated. This is how he works: 1. Lesmez gives kick backs to tow truck drivers, body shops, restraunt owners, you name it, for car accident cases. 2. When your case settles, Lesmez has the insurance company write two checks, one he ...