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Charles Winters is a Tech fraud scammer and Blackmailer! Greedy and criminal scum of the earth!

READERS: Please be advised that Charles Theodore Winters [email protected], [email protected] is a notorious financial fraud tech scammer and blackmailer reported all over the internet. His fake company: Vine Street Media Group CHARLES WINTERS has fake services and everything about him is fake. When we ...

Tony Faver
Do not work for this SCAMMER

This 'person' goes by many aliases including Tony Faver, Tony Krush, and Anatoly Krushevsky. He is unreasonable as a client.. and then makes every single possible excuse to not pay you. When you demand payment, he threatens you via text and voicemail. If you're looking to hire someone to do web marketing for you - RUN! If ...

Ted Saltzman
Farud Artist

Ted is trying to lure my mother, who is 90, to California to allegedly return the $25, 000 she borrowed/stole from her many years ago. She most show up in person to retrieve it. He won't give me his address to send him a cease and desist (I am her legal Guardian) and instead swears on the phone. Feel free to call him @ ...