County: Jefferson
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United Express Moving and Logistical Services, LLC
Brenton Wombles, LaGrange, Ky or Louisville, Ky (Clay County, Boone County, Jefferson County, Larue County or Nelson County) Hang up the phone, stop looking, better yet find another company. Scam Artist at Best!

Please DO NOT use this companies service. Brenton Wombles is the owner of this operation. While taking calls from his irate customers, they have been scammed. He states that he can move pianos. That is a lie! Took a ladies money and kept lying saying he mailed her check out! He took 5000$ from a gentleman saying he could ...

The Processing Network / Jim Banks
Con Artist

Mr. Jim Banks and his associates (all family members) will attempt to sell you a credit cart machine. They will tell you and show you on a piece of paper what you are currently paying and what they will save you over time to go with their company. But Beware because what they do not show you are the hidden fees. They will buy a ...

Swifty Gas & Oil
Closed at 9:35?

The lights were turned off with the worker standing inside the station at 9:35pm on 6-11-08? We're one of the poorest States (Kentucky), but not one of the least expensive for gas, and we're in the top half for the national average cost of gas, then I'm getting gouged worse by getting charged 10-15 cents different across areas ...