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I Felt Discriminated

DO NOT EAT AT ANY LANDRY'S CHAIN OF RESTAURANTS if you felt you have ever been discriminated by a Landry's Restaurant let me know. I went to a Landry's Rain Forrest Cafe with 5 Foster Children to celebrate a Birthday for one of my 5 children. we went to Rain Forrest Cafe who the so called Vice President by the name of Earl, ...

Charles Winters is a Tech fraud scammer and Blackmailer! Greedy and criminal scum of the earth!

READERS: Please be advised that Charles Theodore Winters [email protected], [email protected] is a notorious financial fraud tech scammer and blackmailer reported all over the internet. His fake company: Vine Street Media Group CHARLES WINTERS has fake services and everything about him is fake. When we ...

Complaint-review: Appliances Connection - False Advertising

Appliances Connection
False Advertising

They post they will pay you upto $22.50 in CASH for reviews on products you have purchased, then change it into points after you do it, I tried showing them the site where it no where shows the points, I had a customer service rep Douglas agree with me and tell me I would be getting my $22.50, Calvin a manager then tells me, he ...

Erskine R Curry / UAG Cloud Inc
USA Scammer

Erskine R Curry is a common scammer, thief, and compulsive liar that lives on the streets of New York City. I worked with him for 15 months (May 2016 to July 2017) in Miami and New York City. . Erskine "borrows" money from people promising to repay them 6 to 10 times the original loan amount within 2 weeks to a few months. Two ...