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I Felt Discriminated

DO NOT EAT AT ANY LANDRY'S CHAIN OF RESTAURANTS if you felt you have ever been discriminated by a Landry's Restaurant let me know. I went to a Landry's Rain Forrest Cafe with 5 Foster Children to celebrate a Birthday for one of my 5 children. we went to Rain Forrest Cafe who the so called Vice President by the name of Earl, ...

Charles Winters is a Tech fraud scammer and Blackmailer! Greedy and criminal scum of the earth!

READERS: Please be advised that Charles Theodore Winters [email protected], [email protected] is a notorious financial fraud tech scammer and blackmailer reported all over the internet. His fake company: Vine Street Media Group CHARLES WINTERS has fake services and everything about him is fake. When we ...

Complaint-review: Appliances Connection - False Advertising

Appliances Connection
False Advertising

They post they will pay you upto $22.50 in CASH for reviews on products you have purchased, then change it into points after you do it, I tried showing them the site where it no where shows the points, I had a customer service rep Douglas agree with me and tell me I would be getting my $22.50, Calvin a manager then tells me, he ...

Erskine R Curry / UAG Cloud Inc
USA Scammer

Erskine R Curry is a common scammer, thief, and compulsive liar that lives on the streets of New York City. I worked with him for 15 months (May 2016 to July 2017) in Miami and New York City. . Erskine "borrows" money from people promising to repay them 6 to 10 times the original loan amount within 2 weeks to a few months. Two ...

Complaint-review: Reginald Charles Drake - Do not Hire this driver

Reginald Charles Drake
Do not Hire this driver

We hire Regionald Charles Drake from criagslist run Mvr come up clean he pass Drug test and our training .After we gave him the truck he used the fuel card 3 times at a truck stop 100 miles from our terminal to fill up another peaople trucks until we find out we were 1300 short on fulel 200 $ advance for Phone and 300 in cash ...