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Rachida Elfrimi
A complete fake and Scam

Rachida is trying to lure men with children into marriage by having fake profiles on marriage sites and social media like Facebook. Her aim is to get money out of the person by pretending to invest it into a business or property. Please do not give her any money and do not go into business with her. She has a $3m fine with the ...

Complaint-review: Jeremy Reboulet - Blackstone / Marketing

Jeremy Reboulet
Blackstone / Marketing

All the information about Blackstone or Jeremy Reboulet! Was and is Slander! Attached the court case which Jeremy Reboulet and Blackstone Won! The slander defendant lost and paid large fines! Jonas Burt was the accuser and wrote the lies and slander! This was suppose to be removed! But this site won’t! Even with the court ...