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Hemattie Devanan
Hemattie Devanan: One of the worse Corrupt fast food managers in fast food to ever exist

Hemattie Devanan Is a young corrupt fast food employee which prefers to yell at her employees rather than encourage them to help them grow to be better people. She is of middle eastern decent and is from Queens County, a Burrough Of New York City, she works for a major fast food company. She barely teaches enough to help you ...

Frankie Senesi Jr
Frankie His Elderly Aunt Kay

Why no one has ever mentioned the Day he Pushed his Aunt Kay down the stairs. Trying to Kill Her over the money her late husband left him that she was able to contest in the will so he would not have it.I am a former Partner who was with him at the time that this all took place .who was trapped in a very controlling ...