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Gad abeckaser
Thief and con man

Been reading all these complaints about this thief Gad Abeckaser and i am not surprised. Gad a con man, heartless thief who will cheat anyone he meets. hes a disgraceful man who has no shame . hes always on the move because everywhere he goes he steals cheats and runs from someone . if you're looking for him rhis is his ...

Darren Ambler..............aka Darren Scott Ambler....aka "Busted Balloon"
Sex Predator- Prostitute- Abusive Sociopath- Liar-STD Carrier- Rapist: Evil- Cherry Hill- NJ:

Darren Ambler has gone on various web-sites complaining and using foul language because he knows what is printed is 100% True and Accurate. At least the Homely freak should be given credit for not lying more and denying the truth about his immoral and unacceptable behaviors over the past 3 or more years. This deranged ...

Speaking roses
Great concept

One of my buddies started looking into starting his own business and showed me this concept. My wife and I figured she could add it to her current Etsy business and see if it generates anything. We've actually ended up growing a business completely outside of Etsy and have expanded to our own website and do more orders in ...